FGuBox™ The Real Time LED Social Media Counter

The idea was to enable people and businesses to display their social proof in hotel, restaurant, store and office. FGuBox™ Counter can be placed in front of your stores, agencies, hotel,  living room, bed room as well. it is very simple and easy to use. Our Box can display the live instagram, tiktok, twitter, youtube followers count. We decided to create two fgubox versions.

FGuBox™ for people who like Social Media, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies, Stock Exchanges

FGuBox™ for Stores, Restaurant, Agencies, Hotel & Startups

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fgubox bar


Attract your client's attention

The best way to grow your business being in Social Media

Customise your Message

Control & Display any message to inform your customers

Display Temperature

You can select the city & time zone. FGuBox displays date, time & weather

Show the number of followers

Instagram, Twitter, Youtube & Facebook Counter including Bitcoin

FGuBox™ Junior for Social Media Fans

fgubox junior yellow
FGuBox Junior Yellow
fgubox jaune
FGuBox Junior Yellow
fgubox noir
FGuBox Junior Black
FGuBox Junior Black

FGuBox™ Pro for Shops, Agencies, Hotels and Startups

fgubox pro jaune
fgubox pro noir
fgubox pro yeallow
fgubox pro yeallow


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